Link Agents and Buyers in a Referral Network
Engage geographically separated members into collaborative discussions

Link Users into a controlled social network

  • Create user types of Agent, Buyer, Service Provider
  • Organize agents and video content (listings, advertisements) into territorial communities
  • Require verification of a license number to register an Agent, require a Buyer to have a registered agent before joining

Broadcast your Content

  • Agent records a showing using their iPad in another country
  • Upload the showing and the buyer is notified
  • Broadcast the showing to all buyers in the territorial community
  • Upload subtitles for your buyers in other countries
  • Play videos anywhere, anytime, on any device

Encourage Collaborative Feedback

  • Buyer and showing agent's feedback automatically provided to Listing Agent
  • Refer users to service providers for legal or tax advice
  • Allow buyer's comments to be visible to anyone who looks at the listing.

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