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Manage your sales team

Keep your sales team up-to-speed on your latest products and features with manufacturers’ product videos.

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Connect your investors

Build a community of companies seeking capital, and venture capitalists looking to invest in new companies. Keep investors informed, maximize exposure of member companies, and protect the privacy of all members.

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Brainstorm your research

Securely share and build your product development information with your internal project team. Collaborate in developing specifications sheets and marketing materials as the product is being designed.

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Instruct your students

Provide online video instruction for your students who can pay you per lesson or for a course of lessons. Link training materials, worksheets, and handouts to the lessons. Get feedback from your students to each other or the instructor. Then allow the student to take a certification test.

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Manage Video Productions

Gather all video production materials such as scripts, storyboards, and collateral materials with the videos you produce. Engage the client in secure collaborative discussions around the content. No more large attachments, dropbox, or other ad-hoc methods that can be blocked by corporate firewalls.

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Stream Live Events

Let your audience experience your events in real-time. Stream video to your securely defined audience, and allow them to communicate with you and each other about the event as it unfolds. Users can also view the recorded event later at their leisure. Get paid for broadcasting the event by charging viewers to watch.

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