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It all starts here.

Quick and simple start

In just minutes, you will be on your way to managing your own Private Media Channel, where you can upload videos and documents to share with your custom communities. you can even live steam videos to your clients, employees or investors.

Quick and easy branding.

Start customizing right away

Our branding feature will give your channel the same look and feel of your own website, which setting us apart from the competition. You can upload your company logo, customize the channel header and background colors to match that of your website.

Build Your Profile.

Let us know who you are

Build your profile with your own profile image and text. Then, add links to all of your favorite social media sites and set your local timezone. You can also change the default language (though, we currently only support English as the standard language).

What needs your attention?

See everything you need to handle, up front

Monitor and control all of the activity on your channel. Here you have quick access to any videos that need your attention, any communication that needs your moderation or simply view any comments that any of your channel users have entered about any of the video in your channel. You can also keep an eye on some key stats like total number of videos hosted and the total number of users on your channel.

Total control? No problem.

All in one place

This is your command center, where you can control every aspect of your channel. From basic site administration, to creating communities, users, roles, customizing the channel, uploading videos, managing who gets to upload videos and who gets to see it, etc. Let’s walk through each of the key areas of the console.

Your site. Your rules.

Get the brand back

You can change your branding at any time to keep up with any changes you in your business, or if you want change branding to match your internal documentation style.

Custom terminology

Not all businesses use the same terminology when it comes to conducting business. So, we allow you to customize the terms used within your channel. For instance, if your definition of "Community” is, as in this example, "Academy”, then enter that here once and every time we refer to community within your channel, we will replace that with the term you’ve entered here. You can define additional terms that apply to your community, like "Major” or "Number of Students”.

Email notifications and

Choose who gets what message and in what format. Select individual roles to get notified of certain events within the system. You can also customize each email template by role or by event type.

Community is key.

Manage your roles

Define custom roles on top of the standard 3 roles (Site Admin, Site User and Subscriber ) that come with the site. Having a custom role defined let’s you control the actions of your users who are assigned this role. Give some of your users the rights to upload and edit videos, but others only the right to view them and comment.

Manage your users

View your current set of users, edit their information, and add new users to your community. Send the newly created login and password information to your user via email. All they have to do is click on the link in the email to log inot their account, where they can change their password, other information and start watching, uploading and commenting on videos and documents on your site.

Manage your community

Search for any or all users and set their roles within the community. This way, your users can be associated with the right videos, documents and notifications.

Build relationships

Determine who can talk to whom and within which communities. See which communities any particular user belongs to and set the roles for them. Allow or restrict direct, unmoderated, communications between each user.

What it’s all about.

Upload content

Upload and share video-based information within the users of your community. Give your content a title and description, and even add tags to the video for easier searching. Select which communities this particular video belongs to. Click save and your video will be available to be approved shortly.

Manage content

Whenever a video is uploaded by any user, you will be notified via email that there’s a new video requiring approval. View and then "Approve", "Reject", "Edit" or "Delete" the content. Once approved, all your users with appropriate privileges will receive an email notification.

View content

You and your subscribers can use the URL sent to them via email, along with their username and password, to log into the site and view the approved content. By going to their Dashboard and clicking on the video icon on the community page, they can view the content that has been uploaded and even comment on it. It’s that easy!

Cash in.

Make money off your content

You have invested a lot in your video content and building up your audience. Now it is time to get some Return on that Investment through video monetization.  

We monetize video using the following events:

  • A user joins your channel
  • A user views a video
  • A user subscribes to one of your communities
  • A video producer uploads video
  • A user clicks on a video by one of your providers

Just open your paypal account and start making money from your videos.

Go global.

Take your videos to the next level

You want your business to be global, crossing boundaries of language and time zones. We offer built-in video functions like multi-language closed captioning and even voice overs in multiple languages.  Your users identify their languages.  Uploaded documents are tracked and presented by language.

Secure Hosting, What we do Best.

Secure Your Investment in Videos

It costs a lot of money, time, effort, and creativity to build up a large video library that defines and communicates your message.

Our private video platform allows you to :

  • You define your users - in our site or yours (Single Sign-On)
  • Require an invitation to join, or approve unregistered users (Open or Closed community)
  • Decide whether to allow users to create accounts with social media credentials (OAuth)
  • Your content cannot be downloaded by anyone
  • Content cannot be seen outside your channel
  • Highly granular permission controls not available in YouTube or any other platform.
    Decide who can:
    • Upload video content
    • Approve video content
    • Create and manage user communities/groups
    • View video content

    On your Secure Video Platform.

Try it. Free.
  • 30 days completely free
  • 1 GB of video storage
  • Brand your site
  • No Credit Card Needed
Have some questions? Give us a call +1 (855) 894-5820 or shoot us an email [email protected]