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How to win customers through video!  


Video marketing is the in-thing, because no one has the time for paragraphs of information but here too content is king. Start-up or giant corporate, you connect with customers through motion picture. Video marketing is the arena in which you can get as creative as possible.

There’s a video for every occasion, right from airline marketing to baby diapers. What ticks them? Knowing your target audience and what would attract them.  Here are ways to keep your audience (soon to be fans) interested, engaged, and invested in you.

Social Media – Your Play Area

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn ~ the world practically check-in on these sites more than they do on their peeps. News is everything and these sites are the primary hubs for breaking news in any area. Want to go viral? This is where you ought to be. Experiment as much. Post in various ways and track user engagement. Social media sites are business friendly, create anofficial business account and they give you all the analytics you need to narrow down your winning strategy.

social-mediaInvest in Visual Content – Your A-Game

We live in virtual reality. Every minute technology is evolving in such a way that we are seeing all the D’s (Dimensions) possible coming up in stores for domestic use, imagine that! Guess you are the proud owner of a 3D TV? So it’s no longer a fantasy to go watch it in the theatre, you have the theatre at home.

Using this opportunity, tell your story, idea or just a thought through videos, infographics, and compelling imagery. The fact that 94 percent of content with visuals get more total views than textual content proves that you should be aiming to incorporate visual elements in every single post, article, and tweet you produce.


Stop Annoying Customers – You’re Losing Them

Almost 83% of the world’s population has lost its gland or patience. As a result, whatever be your video marketing strategy, it has to be done precisely. The customer gets either pissed or annoyed easily. Sometimes simple and creative innovation is far better than complex ideas. So keep it simple and interesting, no clutter, no butter.

Easy-to-Use Product – You’re Impressing Them:sign_up

Be it a sign-up, login, or survey, the user should be able to understand the expectation and it should seem like it is effortless to him. That brings in all the difference. While asking the user to fill in information, remember the lack of patience, keep it minimal. Do not cite security reasons and put your customer through a self-examination process of filling a lengthy form.

Make your product/website easy-to-use. Keep enough documentation ready to get them through any glitch they face.

Return On Investment – Your Reward:

However fancy all these tactics might seem, at the end of the day it’s just You, Your Product, and Your Money. Getting views and likes does not get you a cup of coffee. It is important to measure the ROI and evaluate them accordingly. Key understanding of how you’re performing gives you a complete idea on budget allocation and returns assessment.

Be your First and Worst Critic – Your Growth is Here

If you know and are able to identify your merits and demerits, 90 percent of your video marketing is already a hit. When your scripting your video, be sure to market what you offer. More importantly see to that it hits the mark on the customer’s pain point.

Review the production at your end first. Critique it like you hate it and you will find the flaws. Correct them and clean it up. Then you’re good to go.

The strategy will just get you through a quarter, remember to improvise as you go further. Got some videos to share among your colleagues for a peer review? Share, comment and collaborate with as many users through the Private Media Channel. Sign up at