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Be in Control of Your Subscription Services

We’ve already discussed the different ways to monetize your videos, but we feel the need to elaborate a little more on one of these topics – subscription. Finding the perfect fit in regards to video hosting services can be rather difficult. It is a pretty rare occurrence to find a company that allows you to have subscribers to your videos. Then, when you find one of the few companies that does, they usually want to take a piece of your profit. If you are already paying to host your videos, then why should you have to pay for your subscribers?

The ideal solution would be a web hosting service that allowed you to establish your own rules when it came to subscribers. You could decide how much to charge and when to charge. Do you want your users to pay a monthly fee and have unlimited access to your videos? Would you rather have users pay for each video? Or do you want to create a mixture, allowing some visitors a monthly fee and others a pay-per-use agreement? You should have the freedom to establish these parameters on your own and not be confined to the regulations of your hosting service.

Well, we are happy to tell you that Niche Video Media provides all of these services and more. The monetization between you and your user is entirely yours, we do not collect any of that payment. Even better, you have the control to create your own pricing method and can charge when:

  • A user joins your channel
  • A user views a video
  • A user subscribes to one of your communities
  • A user clicks on a video by one of your providers

Where most companies only offer one or two ways for you to monetize your videos, we off 8 – 4 subscription based and 4 ad based. You also can choose how often you collect a payment from your subscribers – monthly, quarterly or annually. In addition our white label hosting ensures your users will not see a charge from Niche Video Media, but from your company name. And, we offer payments through PayPal, Stripe or, whichever you prefer.

When it comes to managing your subscriptions, Niche Video Media allows you to make all of the decisions. Call us to set up your free trial today.