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How to Prevent Unwanted Downloads of Your Videos

There is no denying the fact that video has become an essential form of communication. From training videos for employees to tours for clients, companies use videos for a variety of different purposes and distribute them to a wide range of audiences. In fact, a recent article from Forbes discusses that people prefer videos to any other form of communication for four simple reasons:

  1. We must pay attention to the elongated oval (fusiform) portion of the human face in order to gauge authenticity
  2. The human voice easily conveys content into the information
  3. You can catch on to the emotion as you see it
  4. Motion keeps you focused

Yes, video is a vital part of any company’s communication, but there are many problems associated with the use of videos. Probably the biggest concern is losing control of who has your video. For example, if you are sending training videos to your employees through email, once the employees download the file to their home computer, they have that video to do whatever they want with it. Next, they can upload it to YouTube or even send it to your competitors. Basically, the bottom line is that once someone else has downloaded your video, you no longer have control over what he/she does with it. With all of the time and money that you invest into these videos, you need to be sure you are the only one that has control over where they end up.

So, what is the solution? Well, that would be a secure video platform where you can upload your videos and have complete control over who has access to them, who can download them and who can add content. This would be a channel without a size limit that ensures your videos remain in the hands of those you originally intended.

Does a platform like that exist? Yes it does. We at Niche Video can provide you with a secure video platform that gives you control over your videos as well as those who access them. Give us a call to start your free trial today.