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Version 1.3.2 of Private Media Channel is Live

On the night of March 16, 2014, Niche Video Media updated the Private Media Channel to version 1.3.2. This is now the fifth version of the Private Media Channel since we first launched in May 2013, which only illustrates our devotion to creating the best video hosting services available. With every version, we incorporate new features that make the channel easier to use, more efficient and a better product for our customers.

Some of the enhancements you can expect to find in version 1.3.2 include:

  • New method to monetize your videos -Our flexible platform now offers another charge model “Charge for subscription to the Channel.” Charges are set on Global Roles and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • External users can be invited to join a community from said community - External visitors can now be directly invited from the Manage community page. They will receive an email with a link to the Register page. Once they fill out a form with basic information, the site administrators are notified and can then take the appropriate next step based on the charge model activated for the channel.
  • One click to manage subscriptions – The Dashboard will now have an icon for “Subscriptions to Approve.” This page will display all users who have requested subscription to various communities. Now administrators and community managers will have the convenience of approving users to various communities all from one single page.
  • New email templates – There are new and modified email templates for events such as an email to users letting them know their subscription was rejected, email to users thanking them for upgrading their subscription, email for inviting external users from the invite button with no role and more.
  • Community managers now have permission to edit the community -The default community manager role will now include the Edit community permission. When this feature is released, any community role that includes the Manage Membership permission will also get the Edit Community permission automatically. You will need to manually remove this permission from your community management roles if this is not your intent.

These are a few examples of the updated and added features of version 1.3.2 of our Private Media Channel. Of course the best way to understand all of the upgrades of the new version is to experience it yourself. Contact us for a demonstration or free trial and see how our video hosting platform can benefit your business.