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5 odd ways to use the Private Media Channel



Research and Analysis


Video Productions

Here are 5 (odd) ways in which you can use The Private Media Channel powered by Niche Video Media. I will not say more, read further and know better.

  1. Events – Are you planning an event? Or do you have an upcoming family event and want your peeps on the other end of the globe to witness it? Well, in ancient times it was technically impossible to view it from the other end (guess you already knew that). It is now possible to live stream events so they can watch it from where ever they are across the globe (guess you already knew that too). Cost effective ‘Live Streaming’ with a recording feature is what the Private Media Channel has to offer (I know for sure you didn’t know that part). So connect your community or family, anything under the sun, through live streaming. Look at it here
  1. Education –Do not have enough resources to start a school or learning center from scratch with infrastructure? With the digital age, it is quite easy to start an online learning center. All you need is tutorial videos and a good hosting platform. Well I don’t mean to brag, so look for yourself about this platform
  1. Research and Analysis – While researching a subject, you need perspective. How do you get a perspective on a subject? You share it with your peers (I rather call them peeps) and get their feedback. To do so effectively, here’s an idea. Research on a subject while sharing your content and knowledge with your peers through a secure video channel. Through videos you can explain your research idea clearly enabling better feedback. Take a look at this
  1. Business – Have a business idea? Found investors? No infrastructure? No worries, whatsoever. With the Private Media Channel you can create communities, assign CEOs and connect with a pool of investors­– all under one roof. You can also engage investors by sharing documents and enabling easy access. Get started here
  1. Video Productions –Got a video idea? Ready with the script, storyboard and collateral materials? Alright, so what you are going to hear is pure bliss. What if I told you that you can share your video content along with supporting materials and share it among your community? Wherein your community can connect and comment simultaneously. Starting hosting after taking a look here


These are just 5 ways to use the Private Media Channel. Bet you can come up with many more ways in which to use it. Get Creative, Use Our Resources, Be Successful. May the odds be ever in your favor.