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5 verticals to use Niche Video Media for their video hosting purposes

5 verticals to use Niche Video Media for all their video hosting purposes

Of the many reasons why customers should use the Private Media Channel by Niche Video Media, here are five of the most important use cases.

    1. Events – Earlier conducting events wasn’t a very difficult task, it isn’t difficult now either. The problem always lay in reaching the audience. Earlier audience were expected to be present for an occasion but with the advent of globalization, many cannot make it either on time or in person at all. That is where live streaming or web casting of events comes into play. Now you may say that this service could just be obtained from any other provider or videographer itself.


What’s so special about Niche Video Media then?

Firstly, we’re so cool. Secondly, when you live stream with Niche Video Media you have the option of recording the stream directly into the channel as well. Once the recorded video is saved it can be viewed within your community among your users as any other video, allowing you to set permissions as well. This added advantage I doubt can be found elsewhere,  when you do let us know.


  1. Healthcare – This is a first with Niche Video Media. We have begun the revolutionary use of video technology in medicine through Live Conference or WebRTC. When a patient wants consultation, they can just use the Private Media Channel and connect with the doctor. The doctor, through video, can visually see the patient and carry out the examination. This way, hassle for the patient by travelling can be reduced by providing easy access to the doctor.


  1. Education – In the education field, we have gone very diverse. You can create a class, record a class, live stream a class or even conduct a live conference with your class. All of these options are available because of the controls provided within the channel. The channel allows you to create communities and set permissions to users who you deem fit to manage that community. The permissions determine which user will be allowed to view certain content and which will not be allowed to do so.

This is helpful in creating a class-like environment for the student and at the same time enabling a smart class communication rather than the conventional setup. The chat feature in the live conference helps the teacher to directly converse with the students and also answer their doubts, if any.


  1. Training – Not able to train your sales force all at the same time? Do not fret. Here’s an idea. With the Private Media Channel, you can create training videos to teach/train your sales team. Now the argument will rise that training needs to be done in person. Well like I stated earlier, we have a solution for that too. Through the Live Conference feature you can directly train your team online and save on resources (time, reimbursement, etc)
  1. Research and Analysis – Have an idea? Want to peer review it? Not sure where you can host it securely? Well here’s the thing. We just researched and analysed that you can do all of that on our Private Media Channel. Through the channel you can post your idea and share it among your peeps – oops peers – and get feedback. Not only that, you can also set permissions on what they can do with your content. Oh and by the way you can do a lot more than that once you get the hang of the way the channel functions.

Hey, don’t just sit there looking at these 5 verticals. Give us more reasons to be proud of. We know it’s out there, it’s your turn to find it in us. This is just a teaser for you to get your head around our product. The real picture lies with what you do out of our channel. Be a bumble bee and go buzzing around the Niche hive. Seeya!