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Use our Platform to Create Your Own Channels

We launched the Private Media Channel in April 2013 with a vision that we would help make companies more valuable by giving them the tools they need to create new services and opportunities. Little did we know in a little over a year this vision would become a reality. We simply cannot put into words how gratifying an experience it is to have our clients share with us how they are using their channels to gain a competitive advantage. We have described many different case studies in which businesses use our video hosting services, but reselling the platform is rapidly becoming the most popular way to monetize the channel.

It’s a simple approach, but it is brilliant and effective. In fact, there is significant power in the platform itself. Just take a look at what Jeff Jarvis has to say about platforms:

For the opportunities and benefits of building that platform are many: Your users will distribute you. Developers will build and improve you. You can reach critical mass quickly and inexpensively. As vertically integrated firms are replaced by ecosystems — platforms, entrepreneurial endeavors, and networks — huge value falls to the platforms. It’s worthwhile being a platform.

This is an excerpt from Jarvis’ The Responsibilities and Opportunities of the Platformand we wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy. If you have not read the essay in its entirety, it is worth the read. Many of our clients are seeing the value in the platform, too. Instead of creating their own channel and inviting users to join or subscribe, they are reselling the platform and offering clients their own channels. For example, one of our customers creates a new channel for each client. We have another customer who has built his entire business around providing channels in tandem with his administration services to universities. The possibilities of the platform are endless, but there is no denying the fact that they are valuable.

We would love to help your business realize the power of the platform. Contact us to book a free demonstration.

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