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Governor Cuomo Announces Semifinalists for World’s Largest Business Idea Competition

This competition is all about bringing the most innovative start-up ventures from around the globe to Buffalo, where they can tap into a world-class workforce and unparalleled environment to thrive for years to come. I congratulate these semifinalists on reaching this stage of the competition, and wish them the best of luck in the next phase.~ Andrew M. Cuomo – Governor

You and I, a team. Together we build.
Niche Video Media signed up for the 43North global business idea competition. We entered the arena competing against 2603 qualified submissions. The Private Media Channel has now emerged as one of the 113 semifinalists making it to round 2.

What made us get this far?

  • A collaboration of features that are only found singlehandedly in other products and services in a secure platform
  • Engaging the customer to set permissions that controls all exercises within the channel
  • An expanding base of customers whom we see as family, because together we grow, together we build, together we make life easy
  • Developers at Niche Video Media customizing the software to suit the customer’s requirements

What will get us further? Just one thing…

The young technical team that is always re-creating and renewing the portal to enhance the customer’s user experience. A team that is built by Niche Video Media but held together by its patrons. We at Niche Video Media believe that creating a product for the customer is important. But what matters most is a humanitarian approach to those that patron our services. Our team does not ‘work,’ we ‘pursue our passion.’ A passion to start a venture, a passion to run a business, a passion to provide holistic services, a passion to keep evolving, a passion to diversify, a passion to build a family of customers and work as a team. You made our passion come true. We got this far, we will get further. The world maybe too big to conquer but building a community within a secure environment is a piece of cake!!! Niche Video Media has conquered that art.