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Dawn of Online Videos

Hanging at the tail end of 2015, let’s bid goodbye to the Digital Versatile Disc (DVD). Say why? It’s because the internet is super versatile than the DVD. So so so…

It was in 1995, when DVD was introduced by Sony, Philips, Toshiba, and Panasonic revolutionizing video needs of the people. The format was developed in order to play video files in the computer as well as in television using a DVD Player. Both DVD and DVD Player were amazing creations that swept the masses in no time. Computers began to be manufactured with DVD drives and many companies started making DVD players with many new features. Those were the days of DVDs.

All is well that ends well. And so ended the DVD. What took over? YouTube. Oopsie, now that wasn’t expected. Everything changed with YouTube. Online video streaming was popularized by You Tube, which paved the way for the slow death of DVDs. Videos could be watched for free and not just a few but millions with diversity. Now you didn’t have to drive over to the store buy a DVD and play it. And then you didn’t have to worry about the DVD being scratched which would cause a choppy video. Oh yes this is a yeah moment! Millions of videos, no scratches, no storage, happier times—behold the Internet.

  • What good comes out of Online Videos?

Easy Access:

It’s easy to access and maintain. You don’t need a DVD player, a television, and a DVD to get things over with. If you go online, the only thing you require is a smart gadget and a network connection. Can’t get easier, can it?

No Maintenance:

Bought a DVD worth thousands and worrying it won’t be worth the bucks? No worries with online videos; it comes with a nominal price too. You don’t have to worry about damages or give it all your care and attention.

Easily Portable:

You could just have an internet connection and watch your videos anywhere. You don’t have to carry your DVD rack everywhere you go. Now that’s a real good deal, ain’t it?

  • What is nasty about Online Videos?


No matter it being easily accessible, no maintenance and portable, if the video is not secure from piracy it’s not worth the deal at all. And of them all YouTube (the pioneer in online video), does not provide security from downloads.

So when you make the complete switch from DVD to online videos, and say you’re ripping your DVDs into the computer, you should be hosting it on the cloud in a secure manner. Every other competitor to YouTube provides secure hosting and watermarking and what not. But there is just one that gives security, branding, and all that you want in a nominal priceNiche Video Media!

I will boast no more. Take a tour.