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Short is Sweet ~ Video Quality vs Length

With the amount of tasks we have at hand, being attentive seems the least important at times. Therefore, the entertainment industry needs to pick up pace and be as crisp as can be in conveying its message. The shorter the better, but you have no idea how difficult it is to convey the message in a short span.

If you’ve noticed a recent trend, Tiny cookery videos are trending on YouTube.
The views for these are multitudinous. But why? Well the latest trend is 30-second to 5-minute cooking videos, and nothing more than that. Such videos not only arouse an interest in you but they also hold you in captivation for the entire video span, which is very difficult in a larger video where you are bound to skip the frames. These crisp cooking videos have garnered views that have risen from 8,142 in 2010 to over 5 million in 2014 on You Tube, according to Reelseo statistics. This is marvelous growth of 62000% over 4 years. During the early days of 2015, the topic attracted more than 8.2 million views and a combined total of 138k views and shares. This statistic shows the viewers’ preference for crisp to-the-point videos over lengthy boring ones.

Did you know? Video Duration and Social Sharing go hand in hand.

So which is better for your business? The modern short and sweet or the classic elaborate video? There are pros and cons. Short videos bank on the viewers attention span and agenda (not everyone has the time to sit and watch a long video). But it is not easy to produce. The smaller the video, the tougher it is to create. Conveying a message under a minute is tricky, but if it is achieved then your video is simply awesome.

On the bright side, you don’t have to make the transition from classic to modern immediately. Keep in mind that short videos are best and thrive towards it. So if you have a lengthy subject you wouldn’t tend to go overboard. It’s simple as that. No sweat, no bread! So get creative, get short, mint more.

Happy Video-ing!