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Greetings from Niche Video Media!

We bear good tidings for you…

Finances Online, the software review platform, awarded the Private Media Channel a Rising Star Award alongside publishing a review of the SAAS product on it’s website. Their seal of verified quality pushes us to newer heights of entrepreneurial success and we consider it as a mark of approval in the business field as well as in the eyes of our potential customers. This review on Finances Online was based out of a 98% customer satisfaction of the Private Media Channel.

What are the benefits of Private Media Channel? Here is an excerpt from the Finances Online’s review of the Private Media Channel.

Secure and Private Video Hosting

  • Protection from downloading: Customers’ content cannot be downloaded via tools such as Download Helper.
  • Fraud prevention: Get fraud and access sharing alerts. An alert is sent when a single user ID is watching a video on more than one device, or more than one location.



  • All accesses of videos (upload, change, view, and delete) are logged and auditable.
  • Secure transmission: The stream cannot be captured in transmission and stored; it is encrypted and signed.

Video Monetization

  • When businesses set up their channel, they can charge their audience for membership at multiple levels based on the access and content they grant to their viewers.
  • No commission: End customers place the money directly into their business account, Paypal or Authorize.Net. The Private Media Channel does not charge any commission on content owner’s monetization (but the payment providers have their own processing fees).

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