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How are Enterprise Video Hosting Platforms Evaluated?

There is a fairly new tool in the ether for evaluating enterprise software. It is called TrustRadius and it evaluates all kinds of software tools used in enterprises. They track 185 different software categories with reviews from real, verified users. One of the categories is enterprise video platforms.

This is a welcome addition to the community of product review sites. We have been frustrated by the lack of such sites covering Video Hosting platforms. To date, the first organic result when searching for terms like Business Video Hosting has been a very dated article from GoAnimate called “8 Best YouTube Alternatives for Business Video Hosting.” What made it frustrating was that the article was written before we released our first product to the market and the author has responded to our request to update their article by expressing their lack of interest to do so. This does not serve the interests of internet users seeking to evaluate video hosting alternatives. Many different software companies in all categories have this same issue – outdated information presented as current on the internet.


TrustRadius, on the other hand, has selected 22 different active competitors in the enterprise space. They selected the enterprises based on reviewing their features against a list of characteristics that should be present for software to be considered part of that ecosystem and viable for enterprises – not company marketing blurbs. They reached out to us, rather than the other way around, indicating that we qualified for the category and inviting us to solicit reviews and ratings. Each review is vetted by a person, verified to be a real user, and checked to make sure the vendor does not “stack the deck” by paying for good reviews. Any review where the reviewer says they received an incentive from the vendor is discounted in the rating algorithm, and any review where they determine that the vendor paid to get a specific rating or wording is eliminated. They moderate every single rating, review, and comment.

Real reviews by real users is real refreshing!

These real reviews include real useful comments pointing out areas where we can improve the product, and we have taken it to heart. Niche Video Media has addressed every “Con” pointed out in our reviews with a plan to solve it quickly. We use this information to make your Private Media Channel more useful to you. You can help build the product you receive by adding more reviews for the Private Media Channel on TrustRadius. Every comment you make strengthens the channel and its usability for you. If you go there, you will see we are in the top tier of the competitors, with all the others much further down in terms of reviews or score. (As of this writing, we are 3rd in number of reviews and 2nd in highest rated). 

We encourage you to go to TrustRadius and evaluate any software you use that you can find on their site, it helps everybody including you. We would greatly appreciate any rating or review you would like to give us. Please help TrustRadius to improve their reputation as a review site by contributing your feedback on them and on the products they review. Note that participating on TrustRadius requires you to use a LinkedIn profile to attach to your reviews and comments, but you can still remain anonymous.