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The Art of Videos, The Science of Motion!

There is a scientific explanation behind everything that happens around the world, from the birth of a child to every snowflake being different. Likewise there is an explanation as to why we like and dislike certain things in life.

For instance, have you ever wondered why we are so glued to videos?

If I asked you to tell me one of the greatest inventions of all times, I bet you have the telly in your mind. Television gave us visual pleasure that changed the way humans experienced entertainment. It took us one step ahead of the radio.

                                                  Did you know?

These simple figures make marketers around the world figure out that videos are the best things to engage audiences and convert them into customers. Video marketing is the next big update you want in your business and it’s not easy. You need to be creative and making a good video for your product is an art. Still wonder why video is the best medium for marketing?

Here are some pointers on why video works:

  • Videos are brain friendly

Visual content reaches the brain faster than any other form of communication. It’s much more appealing to the brain than texts or words. Our brains are wired in a such a  way that it understands visual information and makes sense of it more than textual contents, which is why 90% of information that our brain gathers is visual. This is because 40% of the nerve fibres from the brain are connected to the retina.

  • Videos conveys messages easily

It is believed that human communication started 30,000 years ago. But text-based communication is only 3,700 years old. Humans communicated with each other much before that, which proves that visual communication has a better impact than textual communication. Also videos are processed 60,000 times faster than text. So technically speaking, videos help the brain to understand the message easily.

  • Videos evoke emotion

I bet you were sad for days when Jack drowned at the sea in the climax of Titanic, or you laughed like anything when you saw Jim Carrey as the pet detective. Yes, videos have this immense capacity to elicit emotions and it works.

  • Videos stay fresh in the memory

Videos have this capacity to have an impact on our mind. Remember the times you remembered the ad tune or jargon of a brand or product, which eventually led you to buy it or at least go back and take a look at it.

The impact videos create in the market today is simply astonishing. Videos are becoming more and more important in the daily lives of ordinary human beings. It’s simple science ~ For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every video (the action) triggers an equal and opposite reaction (wherein the human mind begins to think, analyse, and implement). Newton’s third law of motion even applies for the simple act of watching a video.

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