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The Vogue of Blogging ~ Vlogging

I’m pretty sure that you are all familiar with blogging. There are millions on the internet sharing their ideas and stories via blogs. But blogging is slowly transforming into vlogging! So what is vlogging?

Vlogging or video blogging is one of the latest trends on the internet these days and it is due to the increasing demand for learning through videos. Unlike blogging, vlogging does not clog your screen. Vlogging reduces the redundancy of content on your blog/site. This way you capture and retain the interest of your audience.

Are you interested in Vlogging? Are you waiting for someone to guide you? Don’t worry, it ain’t a difficulty. Just keep these tips in mind and you are good to go.

  • The Basics

The main difference between a blog and a vlog is the video in the blog reducing the clutter of only content that makes it different. People are more interested in seeing events through videos than just reading an article in a magazine. Now since you are going through all the trouble to create videos for your vlog, it should be in a safe place. You don’t want your hard work appearing on another’s blog, unless you are some sort of a let-it-go personality. So in order to share your video from your vlog securely in the web, it is advisable to do so through a secure hosting platform.

Last but not least keep your videos short, informative, and classic! Remember the web is a huge distraction and you can overcome it only with skill.

  • Tools of the Trade

Vlogging requires a lot of things from video gear to a good location. It requires good video cameras, audio recording devices, and finally an editing software which completes your work of art.

The first thing that you need is a good video recording camera. Luckily these cameras are not expensive and many provide good quality videos in resolutions from 720p to 1080p and off late even 4k videos. Also there are vloggers who use a DSLR with recording option to make videos. The audio recording quality is a little low in these cameras but it can be improved using a good audio recorder.

If your audio is not recorded properly, the video might turn out to be a failure. What you need is a good audio recording device. If you don’t have a sophisticated one, you can start with your laptop’s microphone to record. But if you are a person who will not compromise on the quality of your video, you can get a XLR cable and record your audio and later sync it with the videos.

Lighting plays an important role in making your video awesome. It should be done carefully and don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a good setting. Learn more about lighting tips here.

The editing of your video concludes this mammoth task and there are plenty of software’s to help you do that. The most used tools are Adobe Premier Pro or if you have the custody of a MacBook then Final Cut Pro should do it.

  •  Releasing Your Video

Once your video is all cleaned up and edited, it is ready to go live. The general notion is to upload videos on YouTube, which is not wrong. But the security factor in YouTube poses glaring concerns. Hosting services are the best option as security and monetization is paramount in these SAAS platforms. These platforms serve you better at a nominal cost. Try out one such platform, Niche Video Media, it’s fun!

 Happy Vlogging