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How do you solve the -Video Problem--

The Video Problem

What is the “Video Problem”? Who suffers from it?

Sales people suffer from the “Video Problem.”

How may you ask? Here are the details:

The best sales expert around the world knows the significance of keeping an emotional relationship with the customer. A good sales manager always wins the heart of the customer. Well, this was the rule of the day. It’s not the case any longer as people are taking direct decisions through the Internet. It is thus safe to say that the Internet is replacing the sales arena.

Today everything, from reviews to solutions, is available on the Internet and there is hardly a necessity for a sales representative to assist the customer. This leads to less emotional connection with the customer; therefore less time to make an impact and impress the customer. Physical presence has an important role in the sales of your product. It gives assurance and guarantee to the product being sold.

Now that you are losing customers to the internet, what can be done to bring them back to your product? How can you reconnect with the customers psyche? How do you solve the “Video Problem”?

Solve the “Video Problem” by understanding these two simple questions:

Why video?

Simply because videos evoke your deepest emotions. It touches you in the most physical way possible. Videos help connect with a distant audience instantly. This is why we believe a video can save your business.

What kind of videos?

  • Customer Testimonials

Use your happy customers to make a good customer testimonial, which will directly address the world and thereby reconnect with your customers emotionally. Here you are building the trust of your prospective customers. Thus, one happy customer’s testimonial brings in many happy customers. So always be equipped with good testimonial videos to prove yourself to your future customers.

  • Inside (Company) Videos

Showcase your company culture to the world, this helps the customer to form a connection with your day-to-day functions. A company video on the Internet is not just a bad investment, it gives the customer a background of your company and exposes the core values of your company to the whole world.

  • Product Demos and Reviews

Explain your products and its features through demo videos and upload it onto your website. This way you are giving customers an idea of what they can expect once they sign up. Internet is the home of ‘how to’ videos. People search for assistance on the Internet and what better way other than giving them a product demo by the company itself.

Now for the best part. Once you start uploading videos, you get to know your customers easily. You know what they watch more and when they watch it and when they lose interest in the videos. Is the question ‘How will I know what they watch and for how long?’ popping on your mind? It’s simple. Analytics. Many video hosting services provide analytics of your customer’s viewership. You can track the views and direct your videos according to the customer’s interest and bring back the once lost emotional connection.

It’s time you changed your good ‘ol sales strategy and started using videos to reach out to your customers. Revamp your sales team to adopt a video strategy and make videos that will attract more people towards your product/business.

Happy Video Making!