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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality ~ A Step Above 3-Dimension!

Let’s cut to the chase. What is virtual reality or virtual environment? As the definition goes, according to

There you go, the definition says it all. In virtual reality you are suspended from your natural surroundings and are grasped into the virtual environment. Earlier 3D technology was not very effective in rendering the entire experience of virtual reality to the user, but now technology has evolved to do just that. Check out Marques Brownlee explaining all about the next level of technology in virtual reality.

There’s more to virtual reality than gaming. From the Tribeca Film Festival, showcasing the emerging use of virtual reality in Hollywood to educating young footballers on the ill effects of a concussion, virtual reality has sprung onto a whole new level. There are many videos that gives a 360 degree view, which are uploaded to YouTube enabling the viewer to understand the opportunities of virtual reality. Now, did you know? YouTube is working on hosting live virtual reality streams.

Manufacturers around the world are encouraging their Research and Development teams to develop devices which will provide a better user experience in virtual reality. From Google’s cardboard VR sets to Oculus, Samsung, and HTC, there are many companies developing VR sets to set the stage for “the” virtual reality experience.

Even though it is marketed around the gaming industry, it is not confined to that. Many industries can make use of virtual reality in a more productive manner. Say you have recruited trainees in your company to handle some of your expensive machinery. They need a heads up on how to use it. How do you do it? Why not use virtual reality? Training people is just one among the numerous applications of virtual reality.