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Mobile Videos - Dawn of a New Age

Mobile Videos ~ Dawn of a New Age

From the super computer, which was massive in size, to the mobile phone, which fits in your palm, technology is revolutionizing the human race by the minute.

The smartphone market is enormous and has priced products to cater to various economic levels of society. From very expensive high-end phones to budget-oriented phones, smart phones concentrate on cameras wherein  pictures can be taken using mobile phones rather than having to own aDSLR for your selfie needs, oops I said it… you don’t take a selfie in a DSLR right? Another plus of the smartphone eh. Now we have phones featuring 4K video recording capacity, giving us a whole new genre of videos called “mobile videos”.

With smartphone’s you have “ease of access”. To watch a video quickly, you no longer have to run to your computer or tablet. All of it is in the click of your hand. Due to this trend many companies are amping their marketing strategies with more and more videos.

How should your brand’s video be made?

The answer to that question can be easily understood by the following Venn diagram, thanks to Brand Lab with Google. The first circle represents what your brand really cares about and the second circle represents what your viewers care about. The video marketers have to identify what the brand really stands for and make compelling content which can push their products forward.


After making the content, you can use social media websites to share your videos. YouTube is the favourite video sharing device which has more than one billion views a day but Facebook is also another option as 50% of the video content in the internet is watched via Facebook. There are other options such as Instagram and Twitter to increase the viewership and reachability of the content that you create.

But remember that the hardwork you put in creating the content is at stake when you host it publicly in social media. Security of your content is compromised. This is where it is recommended you use video hosting services, that not only let you share content publicly but also protect your content, provide you analytics of its usage, and a whole range of other features. Take a trial of a video hosting service here.