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Online Video Hosting: 3 Mistakes Your Business is Making!

When it comes to sharing on the Internet, most of us are not aware of the dangers lurking around. Personal or private, content security matters.

What is at stake for businesses?

Well, when you host videos of your business on the Internet, in a non-secure environment, you are indirectly handing it over to the content thieves. Thereby you are losing content and a large part of your business information security has been compromised. It is to counteract such a pain point that video hosting for business emerged, else we could have all been content with hosting our videos on YouTube, and life would have been pretty easy. But there is no security with YouTube and so you have to look out for a video hosting service for businesses.

1. Hosting on YouTube

You are not doing it right, if you are hosting on YouTube.

That, my friend, is the blatant truth. YouTube is awesome, but it simply does not have ANY security for your content. It is downloadable, stealable, reusable, and a threat to your business strategy.

SOLUTION: Sign up with a good video hosting for business software, which is online, secure, and private. This ensures that you have control over your content and that your content is shared within your circles alone.

2. Paying a fortune to host videos

You may be having a really good turnover for your business, but that doesn’t mean you invest a fortune in hosting videos with companies that have little features and big dreams (of making it big by robbing you). Be wise and invest in a company that allows you to host videos securely, share it privately among your customers, employees, investors, vendors, and also allows you to keep track of your video activities in the form of metrics and analytics. Such companies that give you all-inclusive features do not charge you a bomb.

SOLUTION: When you choose a video hosting software, first take a free trial and check if all the above-said features are present and if it is worth the money.

3. Not collaborating

If you are picking a video hosting service for your business that only allows you to upload and store videos on its software, then you are making a mistake. When you host online, you can do so much more with the videos to aid your business than just store it on the cloud. Choose wisely. Pick a video hosting service that allows you to securely host videos, monetize your videos with your customers, alongside white label your business, provide metrics on your video usage (this would help analyze your business marketing strategy or whatever is your use case with the videos that you have hosted), and is also compatible across all devices.

SOLUTION: Do some research, take a look at worthy video hosting software’s through product reviews, do not go by the order of Google hits.

It’s simple, choose wisely, and don’t go by appearances (they can be very deceiving).