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Does my upload speed matter for secure video hosting?

Yes. One of our annual membership customers in the private school sector had an interesting situation while using our private media channel product yesterday. We have on-boarded their initial set of videos that they had sent a DVD. We charge an on-boarding fee to get them uploaded into their channel. Their customers (teachers and students) based on the permitted subscription access were viewing the content and collaborating securely.

Upload speed matters

The administrator of the channel never had to upload any video till yesterday. They recently have got a new set of videos and they wanted to upload the videos into the channel. They said they want to do it by themselves using our application’s upload user interface. Most of our customers upload their video contents by themselves and we always would encourage them to do so.

Yesterday, we got a call from this customer and heard that the upload was not working, and the upload progress bar is not moving. We figured out the root cause by asking a few basic questions during the support call.

What is your file size? Her answer was 2.5 GB
What is the format of the file (such as .MP4, .AVI, etc)? It was an MP4 file.
What is the duration of the video? She said 60 minutes.

Looking at the file size, we suspected her internet connection speed to be the bottleneck. We asked the customer to go to and check her internet speed, particularly the upload speed since it is a key factor in the upload process. It turned out her upload speed was only 250 Kbps, which was the root cause for the stalled upload.

We recommend at least 2 Mbps for video upload and at least 5 Mbps as the download speed. This would ensure a smooth upload and playback experience.