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Free Live Streaming From the Philippines

Do you remember in 2010 when a catastrophic earthquake devastated Haiti? Well, a similar tragedy has now taken place in the Philippines as the country has been hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Celebrities, aid workers and volunteers are rushing to Southeast Asia to offer their assistance in rebuilding the country and providing the residents with food, water, clothes and shelter. Also included in the heroic people offering their aid are ministers and their flocks, teaching their religious beliefs as well as providing victims with hope and faith.

So, now we have a minister who has traveled to the Philippines with a small group on a mission trip to provide spiritual leadership, education and housing for those in need. In the one week they are there, their presence will make a tremendous difference. For part of his role in providing spiritual guidance, the minister has prepared a beautiful sermon on putting your trust in God and knowing that you are not alone when dealing with the hardships you are given. He is confident that his words will give everyone in the Philippines, as well as his church at home, faith and the strength they need to endure any challenges.

But what about his church members at home? With all of the planning and preparing for his mission trip, he did not bring any video recording equipment with him – nor did he hire a video recording company. Also, if he did have video recording equipment with him, how could he get his sermon broadcast to his church members at home, and would they be able to ask questions and offer insights so that they feel they are part of this week’s sermon and not just watching it on television? All he brought with him is his laptop, what options does he have?

Well, he does have the option to live stream his sermon, and all he needs is his laptop. Our live streaming add on to the Private Media Channel has made the process of broadcasting a sermon as easy as clicking on a link. All the minister has to do it is request the channel and decide his quality – standard, superior or high definition. Then, he’ll receive the link to his event, and he can invite his members at home to join him on Sunday morning for his sermon. And, yes, everyone watching the live stream can actively participate.Typhoon 2013

To offer our assistance to those affected by the typhoon, throughout the month of November, we would like to extend the opportunity for anyone to broadcast from the Philippines free of charge. This is not limited to ministers, but any aid workers that need to reach an audience in another country to report on the situation, request funds or supplies or simply ask for thoughts/prayers. Call or email us to register for the free live streaming and to discuss the amount of free streaming you will need: 1-855-894-5820 or [email protected].

We have made live streaming as simple and economical as possible so that anyone can have access to live streaming, from ministers on a mission trip to educators teaching a lesson. While other companies charge per user, gigabyte or some complicated formula, we charge by the quality rate that you choose. So, next time you find yourself in need of live streaming services, turn to Niche Video Media as we have the process as user-friendly as possible. Contact us to get started today.