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Live Streaming Services Create Invaluable Opportunities

There is a new trend taking over the world of pet day care/boarding, and it involves live streaming video services. Choosing a day care is probably the most difficult decision you make as a pet owner. You are leaving your precious “baby” in the care of someone else for hours or even days at a time, and you have to trust that they will satisfy the needs of your dog as well as provide adequate play time and stimulation. Do you blindly trust the facility or do you go with one that offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on your pet throughout the day?

“How can I keep an eye on my pet while he/she is in day care,” you ask? Well, allow one of our clients to explain. The Pampered Pet Hotel and Spa, a high end dog day care/boarding facility, has several play rooms wired with cameras. They have three public cameras, and 10 other cameras that can only be viewed from within the channel. Part of their luxury care package includes giving the pet owners access to this channel so they can see their dogs throughout the day.

Instead of wondering how their pets are doing, owners can simply use their smartphone for a quick check or even leave the live stream open all day in a window on their desktop/laptop. This luxury pet hotel has found a way to use our Private Media Channel to set them apart from the competition.

This business model applies to childcare as well – can you imagine any parent who would not be willing to pay a little extra just to be able to set eyes on their kids throughout the day? By using our Private Media Channel, you eliminate the need to invest in any special equipment or expensive software. Just simply hook up a webcam and establish your channel, then invite the users to join. It’s very little effort for a big pay off. Contact us to set up your free demo and see how easy our Private Media Channel is to use and how it can provide differentiation for your business.