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The need of want in Video Hosting!

Let me cut to the chase here! Say you own a few videos and you want to change the world—or at least among the small circle of life that you have created. So you tick on your first thought of ‘do you have enough videos.’ You then move on to check the platform you need to host it on. Oops as you research, you find so many platforms offering a gamut of services. Now all that you want is a good platform that complements your needs and wants that will aid your creativity and help you host your videos effectively. This is where Niche Video Media comes into the picture. The Software as a Service provider has put together the PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL. The name says it all; it is a software that holds all your video hosting want and need under an umbrella service.

Here is a list to help you understand better.

Your video hosting needs:

  • User-friendly software service provider
  • Security to keep content safe
  • Controls to customize your content to an extent
  • Analytics providing metrics for video content management

And your wants will be (a tad bit more luxury from your needs):

  • White-labeling to build your brand among your customers
  • Granular controls to enable your users and create a private customer base for yourself
  • Closed captioning to reach a global audience

So here’s the good news, an analysis like no other. What would you say if I told you that Niche Video Media offers all these features under one umbrella product, THE PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL.

Here’s what you get from Niche Video Media:

  • A user-friendly software – The Private Media Channel
  • Onion layers of security to protect your content
  • Tools to customize and brand your channel
  • White-labeled video player to remove watermarks
  • Detailed video analytics to understand your customer base
  • Access controls to systematically engage your customers within your channel
  • Go global with the video captioning feature in different languages

Hey! Now what are you waiting for. Tick off that final check because you have found THE video hosting platform, it cannot get any better from here. Logon to and get creative.