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What is a CDN?

What is a CDN?

Tired of seeing ‘buffering’ while watching videos? Here’s a solution

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a method of placing content along multiple servers in multiple locations to enable easy access—without any errors. The servers are banks that hold content and can be accessed anywhere. Situated at different geographical locations these servers enable efficient reach and faster distribution, thus decreasing delay in the relay of video content. No more buffering, faster access to knowledge. But how many video hosting platforms use it?

Advantages of viewing videos in Niche Video Media, backed by CDN:

  • Speed – efficient distribution of content in the shortest possible time
  • Instant streaming – CDN allows users to view a file as and when it is uploading
  • Dependability – Since files are distributed through multiple servers, crashing is a rarity. Parallely, there is always another copy of your file on the cloud.
  • Bandwidth saver – CDN cuts down on bandwidth thereby lightening your hosting costs
  • Content from a CDN can be viewed on any device
  • Viewers can control the functions of the video player (play, pause) as they please
  • The CDN network supports all audio and video formats

Through CDN, Niche Video Media empowers your content for a better reach to your audience. Take a tour of Niche Video Media and experience a quick demo here.