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Niche Video Media live streams the beat of the hide as PASIC enthrals the global audience!


This Christmas season we have wonderful news!

Niche Video Media successfully live streamed PASIC, an event for the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) from 11–14 November 2015. The PAS is a non-profit, music-service organization whose mission is to promote percussion education, research, performance, and appreciation throughout the world. The event was streamed from Texas, using our services, on a global scale. Famous musicians such as Ndugu Chancler of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean fame and many others were featured in the event. PASIC was live streamed for three days and the entire event was recorded onto the Private Media Channel in one hour segments to showcase the finest musicians featured in the event.

What’s so special about live streaming a 3-day event?

Well, buddy, there is absolutely nothing special about live streaming a 3-day event. But, there is something special indeed about live streaming a 3-day event, breaking it down into one hour segments and recording it, all of this without disrupting the live streaming globally. The live stream being successfully viewed on the PC and mobile platforms. Hold on, I’m not done yet. There is still a magical element here when the recorded videos are securely showcased to potential hirers without threats of a hack. Want something more special? Oh yeah! I have another point for you. All of the above said solutions at the most nominal price found in the market—which is a rare find, trust me.

How do I use the Private Media Channel for my business?

It’s unimaginable how widely videos are used in the business space–to keep customers, bring new customers, and also entertain them. Therefore, there is the need for hosting solutions to share corporate videos in a secure space and this is where Niche Video Media fits in with it one-stop shop of video hosting solutions.

Got the yuletide or any event coming up? You know who to call. Niche Video Media is just a ping away to help you out with its cool features.