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Pivothead SMART for Live Streaming

We are happy to announce that the live video streaming services we offer at Niche Video Media are compatible with the new Pivothead SMART.

What is Pivothead SMART?

Pivothead, who is a leader in the wearable imaging technology, recently unveiled SMART at the National Association of Broadcasting Show in Vegas last week. Like Google Glass, SMART is a pair of sunglasses with a built in HD camera that can shoot video at 720p and 1080p. These glasses are perfect for capturing events like live sports, vacations, nature trips, or anything that you would like to record hands-free. The one aspect that makes SMART truly unique is that it has live streaming capability.

The protocol the glasses use is compatible with our live streaming technology. You can broadcast directly from the sunglasses, without any intermediate hardware or software. The glasses can push a live stream to our server as long as they are connected to the internet or tethered to a phone. Your users can watch the event as it unfolds with a less than 5 second delay.

Even better, you might think that a product with these technological capabilities would be thousands of dollars, but it can cost as low as $150.

Joining the Pivothead SMART with our live streaming services makes anything possible, and it makes your videos more engaging since users will see things from your perspective. `Contact Pivothead if you don’t have yours yet, and sign up for a demo of our Private Media Channel to see it in action!