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Secure Video Hosting is a Vital Tool for Online Learning

As technology has progressed, so has the way that people receive an education. Due to lower enrollment costs, the flexibility of the schedule and the option to work at your own pace, more and more people are choosing to pursue an education online as opposed to a traditional campus setting. And this option is no longer limited to continuing education, as the levels range from online preschool all the way to a PhD. With all of the competition for online classrooms, an educator has to be able to provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience to set him/her apart from the rest. So, how do you do that?

Well, one way is to give your students options that most online classrooms do not have – videos. The typical lesson plan for an online education is that the professor uploads assignments, worksheets and tests to the learning portal, and it is up to the student to do the reading and work with little guidance or explanation. Of course, the educator is available to answer questions if needed. Yet, if you were able to record a lecture and post them to the channel, you provide the students with a unique online experience. Or, you could take it even one step further and stream a lecture live, where the students can ask questions and participate in the lesson. They can even interact with each other, creating the setting for group discussions and peer learning. Even better, you could offer a combination of both – a Flipped Classroom.

The Flipped Classroom is a new trend in the way educators approach teaching, and studies have shown that professors have found it effective in improving the quality of the education. With the Flipped Classroom model, the teacher gives the students access to recorded lectures before the class convenes, so that when they are in the classroom, the students have already been introduced to the material and can participate in the lesson. With the students taking a more active role in the live streaming of the lecture, they will retain more of the material.

Another concern about the online classroom is security. If you are uploading your lectures to the video hosting platform, you need to be sure that only your students have access. You definitely do not want your lectures floating around the Internet for anyone to view, use or download. Also, you need to give your students peace of mind about their security. When they submit papers, tests and other assignments, they need to be sure that only you have access to them and not the other students.

So, how do you get the collaboration of the online community but still provide security? Is there a service that provides both? Well, our Private Media Channel does indeed provide both the benefits of an online community and the assurance that all documents and videos are secure. You control who is invited to the channel and who can view/download the documents and videos, and they can access them from any device. You establish all of the parameters of each user, and, even better, you do not have to be a technology genius to manage the channel. Plus, we can provide monetization so your students pay their tuition online through our secure payment gateway, and you do not have to stress about creating a payment service on your website.

Contact us to set up your free trial and see why our Private Media Channel is the best option for your online classroom.