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Simplify Collaboration with our Private Media Channel

With current economic pressures, many companies are looking for ways to cut costs without eliminating jobs. One of the first things on the chopping block is travel costs. Instead of investing thousands of dollars sending employees all over the country, companies are reaching satellite offices and employees with video-based services. Most companies are weary or even leery of using consumer-based applications like YouTube, and, as a result, we are seeing a growing demand for enterprise video collaboration.

When you take a moment to consider the new demands of corporate America, the rise of video hosting services should come as no surprise. Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops are all equipped to record and view videos, and people love to use these devices for these purposes. Instead of donning a three piece suite and heading into the office for a new client meeting, people are able to sit at the local Starbucks with their iPad and still get the job done. Yet, the emerging demand for the use of videos comes with a few questions:

  • How do you ensure that your videos are compatible with mobile devices? – Without a doubt, you need to make sure that your live streaming and recorded videos are able to be viewed on a variety of devices, from smartphones to  desktops. This is not an easy feat, as each device has their own set of specifications for seamless video streaming services.
  • How do you get a forum that allows for all of the different channels of communication – internal project teams, to clients, to business partners, etc? As a business, your communication needs are vast. There will be times in which you address everyone in the company and others when you are targeting clients. Also, your staff will need to be able to communicate with each other and clients as well. You do not want to have to invest in a new channel for all of your communication needs.
  • How do you get all services – video sharing, audio sharing, document sharing, etc – without having to subscribe to each one individually? – Yes the use of video is on the rise for companies, but it does not eliminate the need to share other files as well, like documents, photos, PowerPoint presentations and more. If you are hosting a staff meeting, wouldn’t it be ideal to be able to share all of the necessary files using the video hosting service?
  • How do you know that your videos and documents are secure and being viewed by only the intended audience? - This has to be one of the biggest hesitations with companies using a video sharing service. While YouTube is a wonderful forum for creating new celebrities, it does not serve you very well for confidential company policies to be blasted on the Internet for everyone to see and download. Also, you do not want clients having access to the files of other clients. The ideal situation would be for you to control who can view each file, so that you know it is reaching the intended audience.

Yes, these are the most common questions/problems that companies seem to have with enterprise video collaboration services. Well, what would you say if we told you that our Private Media Channel solved every one of them? Yes, it is compatible with all devices. Yes, you can create different communities comprised of different users, and only those users have access to the files uploaded into that community. Yes, you can upload a variety of different files, not just videos, to your channel. And, yes, the Private Media Channel focuses heavily on security so that no one can view or download your files without your permission.

Enterprise video collaboration is on the rise, but you need to make sure you are investing in a service that can meet all of the needs of your company and does not leave you with questions and frustrations. Contact us to get your Private Media Channel started today!