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The Boomerang Effect!!!

Want to know why our trial customers keep coming back?

Free! Free! Free! This word excites all of us. Anything offered for free is the first thing we grab. In the online world too many online software’s are free for a ‘trial’ period. By then you are expected to use the online product and understand if it fits your requirements. Therefore, the ‘trial’. Most of the time people use the trial version and jump onto other platforms looking for a better option. Rarely enough a few stick on and come back for a paid service.

Niche Video Media had quite an amazing experience last year. At least 5 customers who used the trial version of our product, signed up and became paying customers this year. We noticed that few of our customers had a business strategy but could not execute it due to various reasons. But after experiencing the product that gels with their ideas, they see an opportunity to execute their vision.

Well you may say that there are millions of similar vendors in the industry, so what is that factor that sets Niche Video Media apart from the rest. The ‘Human’ factor. We might sell software but we make sure that once you trust our offering we wouldn’t let you down. Most of the customers are people from various walks of life who have different uses for a single product. Thus, it is difficult for them to make sense of the product and maneuver it. So whenever they hit a wall, our developers set it apart block by block with a magic wand (the Harry Potter way).

We have had customer’s using our product for just one feature and some for a matter of only few months. Once they completed the trial period, they have come back to us for a fit-in-my-wants product and on-the-dot customer support. Sometimes, it’s not about making it big or earning bucks. It is about the little things that matter. Helping people and upholding the trust that they placed in you.

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