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Caption your reach, globally!

Do you know how many languages are spoken in the world today?6,500 spoken languages. One-third of it is spoken by less than 1,000 people. How many of these languages can one person speak and comprehend? Even hyper polyglots (those who can master multiple languages) can learn a maximum of 72 languages according to
Michael Erard in his book “Babel No More”.But with the help of technology we can always understand languages with the help of translating software. However, that holds good for reading, what about spoken languages. How do you comprehend that with translation? With the help of captions indeed!CCSub-titles and captions has helped cross the barriers of language and understand various cultures with the help of videos. Globalization has been taken to a whole new level with the understanding of various languages with ease.

How exactly does this help the online video industry?

Well that is an easy question to understand (unlike different languages (*wink*)). Say, for example, you have video content in English that needs to be hosted online. So now your audience is restricted to only English-speaking people. You cannot widen your horizon, because no other soul would understand what you are trying to say in your video. Well there is a simple solution to this dilemma. These days there are many online software providers. But not all of them give the option of ‘Closed Captioning (CC)’. Ring a bell??? You must have seen this CC on many videos. That CC is your golden ticket to the globe. Through CC you can upload multiple subtitle files or voiceovers for a single video. The user can then choose which language he/she wants and watch the video in their preferred language.

Ain’t that simple buddy?

There’s just one teeny weeny thing that you should remember. Choose the right service provider where you can host your video securely and close caption it as well. In your busy schedule, fit in a good valuable 10 minutes to see this page globalization and then you will reach here

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