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So-See-All = Social Media

Let me cut to the chase here! How did you connect with your 70s or 80s batch mates? Largely by post, telegram or telephone. And those besties that you couldn’t connect with become a lost cause. But with the advent of social media, the tables have turned. Now you can plan an event, create it, invite people and also receive a fairly good idea of how many will be attending. So now you can See All, you just #GotSocial.How do you make the most of the “Social” platform?

Social media icons

When you #GetSocial you are connecting not only with your friends but indirectly with a wider circle of people. So let’s say you own video content that you would like to share among your friend circle, which has the potential to #GoViral. But you first need a space to host your content in order to share it. If you host on YouTube, it’s as good as uploading on Facebook or any other social media – it’s not safe, can be easily downloaded, manipulated and misused.However, when you host with a private media channel software provider that gives you social plugin options, your content is safe and has the potential to #GoViral with integrity to it. Private media channel software providers see to that content cannot be downloaded through any other plugin available on the web.

What benefit do I have from sharing on social media?

When you share your work on social media, you not only get eyes turned towards you but also appreciation. What’s to say that you are not being recommended by your friends to their wider circle? The immensity is huge, if we tap its potential.

Social media widens your horizon. Once you start getting more people to see your work, you not only have an audience following but also more ideas coming in. When you have more ideas coming in you get an engagement going with your potential customers. That way you make them feel that they are important and that their views are taken into consideration thereby gaining their trust in your offering. Once you get a good audience following, there will be steady inflow of traffic to your website. But keep in mind to continue your social media presence, else you will be forgotten.

So #GetSocial #GetViral #BeSeen and #GetSuccessful by #SeeingAll