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Be Seen Easily On (SEO) Top of Search Results with your videos

What’s the deal with SEO in hosting video content?
Life was much simpler when Google was just used to search ‘What is a video?’ Well as everything else, technology evolves with the increase of need. So far we searched to write stuff for an assignment or prepare for a presentation. But with the evolution of strategies in Google to rank businesses in the search engines, life has become a tad bit complicated and competitive. Budding companies and established ones too are in the mad rat race to up their Search Engine Rankings. Although the latest Hummingbird algorithm is the new “swag”, it is causing much “snag” for businesses.

So how do you maneuver this glitch?
First of all you start with generating keywords related to what your business is about, in all social media posts, blogs, etc. You then start by creating a video sitemap for your content. The sitemap explains your “video” content in detail so that it hits the right notes in Google’s algorithm to spike up the Search Engine Optimization. Sitemaps are created because it is difficult to catch videos and categorize them in searches. Therefore the sitemap, an aid, helps expose the video in search results.


Be sure to use keywords that are trending or are widely searched for on the internet (there are tools that provide you these analytics). It is an added advantage if you can identify these keywords and revolve your content around it. Once you manage to get to the top of the search engine ranking, you must next work towards staying on the top. These days competitors are easier to find than investors, for your business.

What next?
Video content and sitemap, check. Now what? Where do you host the video content for viewing and revenue? Do not tell me you were thinking of YouTube. When you host your video content on YouTube, all the accord goes to their domain rather than coming to your website. So find video hosting software’s online that allow you to host your video content, personalize the page into your domain and also help create video sitemaps.

Video SEO can be the saving factor for your drying up capital. Get smart, Get ranked!