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Video Sharing on Social Networking Sites

Are you on a loop with Vine? Having a blast with few seconds of crazy, funny, and hilarious videos? I bet you share it too. With the smartphone revolution, social-network-sharing has gotten onto our fingertips. All the way from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp, video sharing has revolutionized the way we communicate. Admit it! The first thing you do upon waking at dawn break is to check Facebook and Whatsapp, largely. 

But video sharing is like a blind date. It’s tricky and sometimes things could go down like a lead balloon. Creating a video is one thing but making it socially viral is a whole new ball game. However, with a blend of smartphones and social networking online, going viral is a cakewalk.

Here are pointers to keep in mind before you share it:

  • Internet Mannerisms

Be aware of the magnitude when sharing on the internet. Understanding the psychology of your online audience is of utmost importance. If you want to capture the attention of your audience, the video should convey your message in the most unique and precise manner. The attention span of a human can be only so much when there is ample distractions on the internet.

Also, choose the best social networking site that largely caters to your target audience, which will proportionally generate a good (or great) number of leads/viewers.

  •  Copyright it rightly!

Before sharing your video, make sure that anything and everything in it - even the smallest possible word - is accounted for. Keep a check on what you are using to make your video and what you are depicting in it. If your very sure of what you are doing, then be lawfully prepared to defend it. You don’t want your video to get mixed up with copyrights issues.

Take a look at the blog on how to choose music to your videos:

  •  Share Safely!

The internet does not warrant security for your video. If not securely shared, it can be misused or downloaded and pirated. To solve this pain point it’s always better to upload videos using a trustworthy hosting service (they usually take the pain to secure your hard work). Hey you mean services like YouTube or Vimeo? No way Jose! You don’t want your videos to buffer, have resolution issues, or annoying advertisements. Most importantly, you do not want your content to be downloaded.

About a trustworthy hosting service. Where do you find a good one? Well for all that I have explained above, Niche Media Video can help you in such a situation. The safety of your video is our priority and we help you to access and use your videos from anywhere, anytime. It’s always nice to look before you leap.       Happy Sharing