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Music + Video = A match made in heaven!

Can you imagine Jack and Rose standing in front of the Titanic without Celine Dion’s voice or “The Sound of Music” without music? Certainly not.

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
Heinrich Heine

Music plays an inevitable role in any video and that is the reason why musicians are paid a fortune. Everybody wants to be a Hans Zimmer or James Howard. Apparently, adding music to your videos is a tricky job. But don’t worry folks, here are simple ways to choose the best music for your videos; and like they say where there is a will, there is a way.

The thumb rule in choosing music for your video is that it should fit like a glove with the content of the video, or your video will not hit the mark. You then keep in mind the following:

Emotions ~ With music your video springs to life. 

How do you want your audience to react when they see your video? It must make an impact. It should move the audience to feel what your characters are enacting. Make sure that your video answers these questions: Will they be excited and enthralled? Will they be fascinated or furious? It is important to arouse the viewers’ feelings through your videos. This is how background music plays an important role.

Wondering where you can get music for your video without  facing legal issues? The greatest marketplace for fishing music is the Internet itself. Royalty free music will solve all your worries. The many online sources from where you can download music and sound effects legally, and search with music tags are:

And always remember folks, DO NOT USE PIRATED MUSIC; it will radically black mark your portfolio’s credibility. Remember, Thou shall not steal.

Choose Wisely

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Catch a tiger by the toe.

If he hollers, let him go.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

That rhyme you learned as a kid is pretty good inspiration. However, in your video production you cannot gamble by catching a tiger by the toe and if he hollers let him go. Like I reiterated earlier, assign music to your videos based on your video structure so that it will glue with the wavelength of the video.

Tip: If not the full length song, you could create a really good mashup that will pool really well with your video content. 

Say No to Clichés

Avoid rhythms and tracks used repeatedly to prevent losing the audiences’ interest on your video. Harmonies of Vivaldi or Beethoven or Mozart have found their way into common usage should be avoided.

Remember: Don’t play your music while a person is speaking in the video, it will interrupt the speech and things go south. 

That’s all folks. Happy mixing and mashing and, voila! you have a masterpiece in your hands.