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Embedding Hazards – The YouTube/Vimeo Frenzy


Thou art an ardent fan of placing thine trade’s moving pictures on YouTube or Vimeo, eventually uniting it onto thine digital marketplace?

Am I talking Greek or Latin in the above sentence? No, just old fashioned Shakespearean English. Whoever uses it these days, huh? Well, here’s an interesting understanding of the intended pun. Just like using Shakespearean English in the 20th century is outdated, using YouTube or Vimeo to host your valuable marketing videos, knowing that it’s downloadable and unsecure, is outdated too.

In the hurry to create your website and get it up and running, you tend to commit such mistakes—Yay! Our videos are uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. Now we can just grab the URL and pop it in our site. Phew! Major work done! Let’s move on to the next task. Hold on buddy! If this is your “thought-process,” that means you have processed it wrong.

Did you stop to think about the potential leads you could lose? Yeah, you heard it right. You are bound to lose valuable leads by hosting your content in a distracting environment.

This is what happens when you host your videos with YouTube or Vimeo.


1. Content theft

Your film crew and animation specialists have invested a fair amount of time and energy in coming up with creative marketing content alongside shooting the scenes, editing, adding graphics, making that little mouse talk, and making the viewer understand the point of the video by relating it to your product. All this trouble for creating the video and it gets downloaded in a fraction of a second. That there is very
Your animation could be mind blowing, but someone can snip it off with a cut and paste into their video. You won’t even know that your content is being stolen.

There are a number of websites which help you download YouTube videos. You know it, after all you were once among those that downloaded favorite band videos from YouTube. If not, then now you know, wink wink.vimeo
Did you know? Vimeo and Wistia are also unsafe. There are YouTube videos on “How to download videos from Wistia (NO SOFTWARE!)?” Sticky situation, indeed!



2. Misleading advertisements

Like all wonderful things, YouTube has a few problems too—advertisements. Here’s a run-through of the distracting nature of advertisements, read it here.

3. Diversions

YouTube, hands down, is the largest video hosting site followed by Vimeo, Wistia, and a few others. There are over 120,000,000 videos spanning across millions of hours on YouTube. When you embed your videos onto your website using YouTube, after successful viewing, a list of suggested videos appear to divert the user’s attention. Poof! There goes your viewer away from your website and probably looking at your competitor’s video.

Let me narrate a true story for you, one that I am a witness to (for all things legal, I will not be disclosing the name of the startup, whatsoever):

A startup, with a pretty impressive name, hosted its marketing videos on YouTube. It then embedded those videos onto its website for its visitors to be educated and impressed (trust me the video was brilliant). As expected those visiting the website played the video. However, as unexpected those who knew the psychology of YouTube, were appalled when an advertisement of a competing company began to play. Disastrous right! Think of the leads it could divert. Although this has been rectified, the horrors of YouTube loom around the corner unnoticed.

This is just another incident of how YouTube could divert your leads and redirect your traffic right into your competitor’s hands. So what is the solution to this? It’s simple. Safe. Secure. What is? Niche Video Media. Highly safe and secure. No distractions, no advertisements, no drama. You can find out more about the Private Media Channel here. Register for a free trial.