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Why Security Matters? Where Security Matters?

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

~Jodi Rell

So here’s the thing! Ideas are tiny blobs of possible success that lead to a landmark triumph. Everyone is facing that struggle to create something, to tell the world a story, to make that difference. We work out how to change or influence the world in our own little ways. And then there are those forces that take a shorter route and destroy the little good that we tried to do. Where do you land after that? To a full stop? No. You handle it smartly. That is why Security matters.

The moment you decide to pass on a message, to teach another person or influence another soul, you should know that you will be embarking on a rough journey. So the only way by handling the rough patch is by maneuvering smartly.

So take for example your passion is to teach but you cannot afford to let go of your breadwinning job and follow your dream. You then try to pass on your wealth of knowledge online, which is a quicker, easier and cheaper way for a start! Starting by taking videos, you come to a point where you do not know where to put the content. Then you look at options and what do you see? The ever useful YouTube. But then after a peer review, you get to know that it isn’t safe enough is it? That is when it hits you hard that all this trouble and good will, shall go for a waste if it is not shared securely.

A lot of online software providers give a wide range of services with security but then again it should be economical right?

Let’s first look at why video security matters, then I will tell you where video security matters.

  • Content–Knowledge wealth–must be reaching safe hands
  • It should reach safe hands because that is where it will be used for the right purposes
  • The right purpose will help another person dream their dream and in the long run live their dream
  • When you achieve that, all the above hard work will be worth the while

Now here’s where video security matters. You may or may not have heard of it, but it has been there and tried to make a Niche for itself. Just like you in its own little way, trying to change the lives of many one at a time.

Niche Video Media a SAAS (Software as a Service) provider has created the Private Media Channel to help people reach out their ideas to others and reach a landmark successfully. The Channel is designed in a manner wherein you can create communities and share the content privately among each community or all, as per your wish. But the biggest catch is here. The content uploaded on the channel, each and every video, is secured through onion layers of security. This security model wraps your content, which is safe in the core and cannot be hacked or downloaded. Want to know more in detail? Read it here

So now you know why security matters and where it really matters? Get Secure @ and Niche Video Media will not disappoint you, because you matter.