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Why You in the Tube is dangerous!

Entertainment or Infotainment? Do not taint your brand image with the wrong ‘tainment’.
Have you ever wondered why YouTube is so famous? Anybody can use it anytime, anywhere without a hassle. Sometimes that is a good thing and you might even call it ‘innovation at its best!’ But the loop hole that lies within is not really noticed by many.

Now let me add on another question to trigger your senses. Have you ever wondered what will happen if anybody could access your content anywhere without a hassle? Oops, Gotcha thinking didn’t I. Well may I welcome you to the unsafe world of video content sharing.

The good news is that YouTube ain’t the end all and be all for your video hosting business. I am sure you know this and you also know of online software where your business can be amped professionally. Did I just say professionally? Well, well, well, here’s an explanation of Why YouTube is not good enough? And How you should get professional?

YouTube does not host video content securely. The content is publicly visible and downloadable by ANY user that has access to the World Wide Web (you must note the irony of it). There arose the need for a software on the World Wide Web that would help host videos securely to a private audience, hassle free.

Here’s how these providers MAKE you get professional

Video Content can be hosted securely

Alongside hosting you can create a channel or an account and enable just the users you require to view the content

Going a mile further, they provide controls wherein you can categorize your users according to the content they should watch. Hence, only required people watch a portion of your content. This is a double layer of security to your content.

The content is NOT downloadable.

Video Content can be hosted securely

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