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Why YouTube isn’t the best marketing strategy?

So we always take the easy path and find the least resistive way to get our idea going. As time has passed by this has proven to be a dangerous step to take. Okay, let me get to the point. Say you have something to tell the world and that something is going to teach someone. So you post it on an easy-to-find video networking site. Hasty to reach millions, you forget to think about security and appropriate viewership. At the back of your mind or even at the front of it is what we call ANALYTICS. This is a big demolisher in the social space, especially YouTube. What it also does is keep your users hooked onto YouTube by suggesting a banquet of other videos that distracts customers from returning to your product/website.

Check out why…

YouTube provides analytics of a million viewers for a single video you upload and share. But do you really know who is actually viewing your content and benefitting from it? You do not even know if the content was viewed completely. The social video networking site does not track a single user viewing the same video repeatedly. Instead it counts each view without checking if it’s coming from the same user again. There you go, you base your business marketing strategy on purely non-statistical information that can be used for no more than boasting to your pet about your famous video (the poor animal can neither understand your plight nor help you come out of it). Another lapse is the proper gathering of user information. You will not know anything about them or why they even liked your video. This way you will lose more credible audience than nurture a fan following.

Here’s the crown on the farce of YouTube services. The nasty habit of suggesting stuff. We all know where that googly idea comes from. However, this just out rightly throws your marketing strategy haywire. YouTube suggests videos. Now this is done based on the pattern of user watching videos and not on behalf of your marketing interest – that is, suggesting more videos posted by you or relating to you. These suggestions pull out the user from your realm of thought and place them in an open space where many more options come into play.

 So let’s roll with Plan B

~ Always remember if Plan A doesn’t work, there are 26 letters more to go in the alphabet ~

I can just tell you what Plan B is. But you got to follow it alright. No more beating around the bush, see the magic for yourself.

Hold on one more thing before I tell you. Be sure to register yourself and try out the service as well.

Ok, now for Plan B *drum roll please*. Plan B is to use Niche Video Media – secure, safe, socialize, analyse and monetize. Yes, that’s it. Register yourself and then tell me through blog comments if reading this blog and following my instructions was worth it!