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Case Study: Private Media Channel for Research and Development

One of the clients in our portfolio is a $3 billion international company. Needless to say, they are a leader in their industry, and that role comes with certain demands and expectations. It is on their shoulders to set the standard for exceptional products, and it is also their responsibility to introduce new innovations to the market, or they might lose their status. As a result, their research and development department spends each day designing, building and testing new technologies in an attempt to continuously improve their current products as well as create new ones.

One of the most important tasks of the R & D department is communication. The team must be in constant contact with each other in order to offer ideas and question the design. However, if the entire team is not in the office, how can they offer feedback on a design they cannot access? The innovation department must also collaborate with other departments in the company in order to gain design approval, which can be a long, tedious, and iterative process.

Our client uses their Private Media Channel to make the communication process dramatically more efficient. The team shares new videos of the design and receives immediate feedback as our Private Media Channel can be accessed by any device. They no longer have to wait until everyone has returned to the department in order to start updating it. Once the prototype is ready for approval, the R & D team uses videos once again to present the model. The approval board gets a detailed tour of the product as well as a demonstration of its uses, and they can express their suggestions and concerns. By the time the prototype is sent for approval, it has already been through the editing process several times.

This company has found a way to use our Private Media Channel to shorten the time from concept to market. When you are an industry leader, it is little things like this that help maintain your status. With a shorter cycle time, you are able to put new products in the market faster and more efficiently than your competition.

Speaking of their competition, can you imagine what would happen to this $3 billion company if these videos were distributed freely on the Internet? The videos they make include specific details about proprietary information, sometimes about innovations that will revolutionize the industry. Of course, their competitors would love to get their hands on these videos, meaning video hosting sites without any security measures, like YouTube and Vimeo, are completely useless for this purpose. Other sites that offer some security measures would also be inappropriate. With our Private Media Channel your videos will not be shared or accessed by anyone who does not have permission. This $3 billion company trusts us with the next generation of their competitive future, and you can trust us to keep your information private as well. Contact us to start your free trial.