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Pricing Options for Video Hosting Services

While doing some research online, we recently stumbled upon 6 Places to Host Your Business Videos from Andrew Follett. This is such a interesting topic of conversation and one that creates a lot of buzz. In fact, we have even touched on this topic before. So what is it that makes the subject of enterprise video collaboration so significant?

Well, for one thing there are so many options available to businesses. Follett describes six places, but even says in his article that there are hundreds. What is even more fascinating is that even with hundreds of options, each video hosting service is still unique – whether it is the price, the services, the features or security, no two video hosting services are the same. Finding the service that gives your business everything it needs for the right price can be quite the challenge.

The first video hosting service on Follett’s list is YouTube, and since it is free of charge, you can’t beat the price. However, we need to make it clear that this post is all about business videos. Business videos are professionally produced, typically requiring a rather large investment of both time and money. You do not want your investment freely available on the Internet for anyone to download and take credit as their own. Security is even more important if your video contains proprietary information that could erode your competitive advantage if it were to be exposed.

With security a top priority for businesses, we can take YouTube off of the list, but we also eliminate the free options. Most services charge based on the number of videos you upload, whether paying a monthly fee for a specific video limit or actually paying per video uploaded. In fact all of the services that Follett listed use this payment model. It seems like a logical way to bill your business, but take a moment to consider the variety of videos your company uses. While some reach a broad audience, some are being sent specifically to one client or one team. And, whether your video is being seen by 10,000 people or just one person, you are being charged the same. Your videos also range in length and size. A 30 minute HD video is a much larger file than a 2 minute video, but you are going to pay the same for each one – that doesn’t seem fair.

One of the ways that Niche Video Media sets itself apart from the myriad of other hosting services is our easy, low cost billing plan. Instead of charging per video, we charge based on the number of monthly views and storage. With four different pricing packages beginning at just $29 per month, you are sure to find the right level of service to fit your company and your budget. And if your enterprise is bigger than can fit in our pricing plans, we offer custom Enterprise-level pricing tailored specifically to your needs. Contact us to start your free trial and get started today!