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The Changing Business Model

With the rise in popularity of teleconferencing and the use of videos, company conference rooms seem to be needed less and less with each passing year. Sure, the conference room is the perfect setting for client and company meetings when each participant lives locally, but for the clients and employees that are out of state or even in another country, why invest the money in a face to face meeting if it is no longer necessary? Instead of paying for flights, hotels, food and transportation, you can simply set up a video conference for everyone and bring individuals who are thousands of miles apart together for a business meeting.

You may be thinking that even when utilizing video streaming services that a conference room is still necessary. Where else would you set up the multitude of equipment required to host a teleconference? The solution to this question is simple – updates in software and services mean you do not need to invest thousands of dollars into professional video equipment to host a video conference.

While teleconferencing has been made easier than ever to use, the big question is whether or not corporations should adopt the use of video solutions. A recent survey from Wainhouse Research shows how young employees expect their companies to offer alternative business practices. According to their survey, 75% of companies feel pressured to offer mobile solutions and 55% are being urged to deploy video solutions. If the new generation of corporate America has these expectations of their company, don’t you think that your clients  have the same expectations?

The business model is changing, and the companies who do not embrace the evolution will find it difficult to maintain a competitive edge in their industry. Our Private Media Channel makes it simple for you to adopt these new practices with minimal effort. Our live streaming add on service means you can host teleconferences with the simple click of a link. In addition, your users may use any device, a tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc., to participate in the meeting. However, with our Private Media Channel, you are not only getting live streaming, but also a video hosting channel where you can store videos and files to share with your employees and clients. The channel offers secure collaboration, meaning all of your files can only be accessed by the users you allow and they can offer feedback. In addition, we offer white label hosting so that your channel remains in your brand.

We are not saying to get rid of your conference room just yet, but use our Private Media Channel to meet the expectations of your clients and employees. Contact us to get started with your free trial.