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Continuing Education from the Comfort of Your Home or Office

There are many different ways our Private Media Channel can add value to your company, but one thing that it also adds is convenience. Our video hosting services make the tedious process of video editing easier to manage and shorten the time for products to go from concept to market. And, gone are the days when you need to schedule travel itineraries and pay for the expenses of having new hires attend orientation, or when existing employees need to meet their continuing education quota. In fact, one of our clients, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers, uses their Private Media Channel specifically for this purpose.

As a part of the medical/psychological field, it is imperative for social workers to stay up to date with the latest theories, treatments and therapies associated with the many different mental illnesses. In addition, there are continually new ways to diagnose a disease, new diseases and new laws governing the way they can practice. Basically, continuing education is a vital part of a social worker’s job. However, when they spend all of their days in the clinical setting working with patients, there really is not much free time for them to attend seminars, conferences and classes. So, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers has made it easy for social workers to get their continuing education hours by offering the courses online.

By using the Private Media Channel, the society can upload as many different classes as they please. Then, they invite social workers to become a user on the channel. As a result, the user – social workers – can watch the lectures whenever it is convenient for them. They can even start part of a lesson at one time and finish the rest at a later date. By offering all of their continuing education courses online, the Georgia Society for Clinical Workers has made it easy and convenient for social workers to earn their credits.

Online education is a popular industry. As the people find less free time in their lives, being able to take a class from the comfort of their home or office is crucial. Our Private Media Channel is the perfect forum for online education. Not only can you upload and share your lectures, but you can also host a live lecture with our live streaming services. If you need more information about the benefits of our Private Media Channel for online education, contact us to book a free demo.