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Video Streaming Services for Religious Purposes

Our live video streaming services offer so much versatility for our clients. In addition to all of the benefits of the Private Media Channel, now you can broadcast live and receive immediate feedback from your community. Our clients have really taken advantage of this service and used it to increase the reach of their businesses.

Take for example one of our clients, based in Puerto Rico, who uses the live streaming add on service to increase his reach for his religious services. Satellite church locations have been steadily growing in popularity over the past decade, making these churches accessible to people all over the country as opposed to being limited geographically. The church’s religious leader will give his/her sermon from the main location, and use streaming technology to broadcast it to other satellite locations. Well, this is similar to what our client is doing in Puerto Rico.

Our client does not have sermons that he is broadcasting, but religious music and services that perfectly compliment any weekly service. So, he contacts preachers throughout Latin America, selling his services. Then, he educates these preachers on how to broadcast the music and services. These preachers are then able to include these services with their weekly sermon even though they are located in a completely different country than our client.

Typically speaking, live streaming is a complicated process that requires a significant investment of time and effort in order to be comfortable with the software and equipment. Well, we have simplified the process. You no longer need high tech equipment or special software – just a laptop/computer, access to the Internet and our Private Media Channel.

It’s time to start thinking globally like our client in Puerto Rico.  If you want to break through geographic limitations, contact us to book a live demonstration.