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Niche Video Media Releases Version 2.0

Niche Video Media, LLC® is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0 of their Private Media Channel™. The new version includes many updated features and enhancements to make the video hosting platform easier to use and more beneficial for the client.

“We are so excited for this release of the new and improved Private Media Channel,” said Glen West, Chief Customer Officer of Niche Video Media. “This is the most extensive update we have done since we originally launched the product in April 2013, and it changes the entire look of the channel.”

The updated version includes a new interface for channel administrators and users, making navigation easier and more efficient. Instead of the original “dashboard” and “console” screens, there is now a standardized “Flat UI” model with all navigation easily accessible on the left sidebar.

While the new look is the most obvious and significant upgrade, there are many other new features of the Private Media Channel 2.0, including:

  • The white label hosting features have been enhanced with a greater selection of colors to match the customer’s brand.
  • Comments will now be published immediately, and there is an option to use the comments tabs as a chat window for more of a real time collaboration.
  • More options for video monetization: administrators can now combine different charge models. For example, a client can charge for membership in the channel and have an additional fee to subscribe to the premium communities. Plus, there is now the option for a recurring fee – monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Removal of the direct messaging feature to prepare for a grand re-introduction in version 2.1.
  • Content can now be annotated by the viewers in the content detail page as long as the Annotation (Bluepen) option is selected in the Upload Content or Edit Content page.
  • Users will now have the option to create an embed code for the video content which can be used to share the video in places outside of the channel.

These are a few of the many enhancements included in Version 2.0 of the Private Media Channel. To get a better understanding of how secure collaboration can benefit small businesses, contact Niche Video Media to book a live demonstration.

About Niche Video Media

Niche Video Media, LLC provides a secured streaming video platform to individuals and businesses that allows customers to brand, share, and monetize their video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure or costly skill sets. By marrying the concept of a video platform with community building, we help customers engage their unique audiences around their unique content.