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Using Videos for Educational Purposes

Education is one of the most popular uses for sharing videos. Whether you are a professor at an established school or an amateur make-up artist giving tips, creating videos is an easy and cost effective method for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Plus, it establishes your credibility as an expert in the field. However, if you use the free video hosting services, like YouTube, you run the risk of other people downloading your videos and re-purposing them to claim them as their own, which undermines your credibility. Our Private Media Channel gives you the optimal platform for sharing your educational videos while maintaining control over who can access and download them.

Just take a look at how one of our clients successfully utilizes our Private Media Channel to give anyone the opportunity to learn how to create amazing special effects and animation.

Stan Winston is the premier name when it comes to character creation and special effects. You may recognize their work from films like Jurassic Park, Alien, The Terminator and more. Now, through the Stan Winston school, they are offering anyone the opportunity to learn tricks of the trade from the masters of the industry. As you can imagine, there is a large quantity of people interested in learning from these top artists in Hollywood.

In addition to large number of users, they also have an expansive library of over 6,000 videos. When it came to choosing a platform for sharing these videos, the school needed something that would host all of these videos as well as accommodate the large number of people viewing them. The solution was our Private Media Channel.

The school can upload the entire selection of their videos and control who has access to them. They even use their channel to provide classes at other schools. Due to our white label hosting, none of the students even realize that this school uses another company to host their videos. Taking advantage of our live streaming services, the school hosts regular webinars to give students the opportunity to participate in a live webcourse.

The number of videos the student views determines how much they pay. This school has developed their own method of video monetization, and it works perfectly for them. We are happy to have provided this particular school with the platform they needed to add value to their company, and we would be delighted to do the same for your company. It you have any questions about our white label video hosting services, contact us to request a free demo.

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