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Pay Per Video- Monetizing Videos Online

monetization_banner_videoWhat is the most powerful word in the world? Yes. Yes, yes is the most powerful word in the world today.

“It is considered that YES is the only living thing for the human race.” (E.E Cummings).  And what may you ask, makes yes possible? Think of it rationally, it is technology – the single most powerful substantiation to yes. With technology, the basics of 1’s and 0’s, man is able to achieve almost anything, say yes to any hard unanswered question. For example the human genome itself is explained with 1’s and 0’s.

Well on the flip side, anything that man created has either been for easy living or easy money. We all know that with easy money comes easy living. So how do you generate easy money? Simple, by doing what you are good at and selling it to an audience.

Technology is an evolution. You can’t really mark an end to it, you just go with the flow. Videos first appeared onthe picture tube (television), now it’s rolling on YouTube (Internet). Nothing stagnates with technology. That’s why it’s a luring market and that’s why you should read what I am about to say now.

Monetization – The art of making money from the videos that you own. Let me cut to the chase here. You own a content which is path breaking? A high profile video tutorial? Or just anything the world deserves to know? Good, you are on the way to fame, because people are slowly moving on from photography to the motion picture from all sorts of ancient technologies. But the question is, are you reaching out to the right audience or is it falling under the cracks of ignorance and lack of knowledge of the technology looming around you?

As you would probably know, The Internet is a place which accommodates various SAAS providers who help you host your videos online and share it among an audience or, to be precise, to your audience. In doing so, you are reaching to a select audience that will be able to appreciate your work genuinely rather than you just uploading it on a public platform, where your content is nowhere close to S-A-F-E. Before I brief you on safe video hosting, let me elaborate on the monetization model.


When you want to sell your stuff online, you have to make an investment with a good SAAS provider. You then start to build your audience. Slowly you begin to collect a return on your investment, now that is monetization. Usually, advertisements are placed to help you make money from your video. But, you are looking for a S-A-F-E environment too. When you play it safe, you don’t go anywhere near advertisements. You could check more about the significance of Security in video monetization here :

Then, how do I monetize without advertisements?

It’s simple really. Pay Per Video (PPV), ring a bell? Well into the world of technology are you afloat, wherein PPV is Pay Per Video and has made a revolution in watching videos on the Internet. These SAAS providers give you an option to either pay/subscribe for a whole channel or pay for a single video. This way you are giving a choice to your user, who after using PPV (Pay Per Video) will come back to subscribe to your videos for good.

Essentials in using PPV:

  • Set up PPV so that you restrict the number of videos a user can watch according to his/her subscription level.
  • Configuring the payment is tricky. You don’t want to annoy your customer. So make the payment flow as easy as possible, either from your channel or through an easy-to-use payment gateway. Oh! Remember to specify, according to the user’s subscription, whether the charge should be on a recurring basis (monthly, semi-annually, annually).
  • Now you can go an extra mile and embed the video onto your website as a marketing feature.
  • Set the maximum videosallowed for every user. Make it a fun package with some freebies on the loose and you will go viral.
  • Keep in touch with your user through email. When the user subscribes to a video, thank them, it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling to receive a thank you note from a celebrity (yeah, you are indeed a celebrity to your customer).
  • Track all your PPV orders so that you can keep a record of date and time of purchase. Mischief averted!
  • Follow statistics/analytics to know which video is making more money, this will help you improvise on your business strategy.
  •  Saving the best for the Last, is the fraud prevention that has to be looked into which is the key to the ultimate success for your video monetization. Make sure that is ensured. Because even the videos hosted by giants like Wistia get free download access in some unauthorized ways and methods.

pay-per-video-02Hey look, from just following your heart with your craft, you are already thinking of a business strategy. Well that’s what happens when you make good use of technology and all the perks (monetization) that come with it. Millions of dollars is just a few clicks away. Not boasting or anything, but here’s a humble suggestion. The Private Media Channel is one such online video hosting software with all the benefits that I have mentioned above, which seem like a fairytale to you. Why does it seem like a fairytale? Because you find all the above mentioned features, but not all of it combined in one product. It’s all scattered among various products and it makes no sense to invest in each one of them. The one stop shop, the Private Media Channel, helps you host videos with various encrypted layers of security, monetizes your videos with the PPV option, and last but not the least (the icing on the cake) provides analytics/reports on how well your video is doing among your audience. Need I say more?

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