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Niche Video Media releases version 2.3.3

Hello world,

We have yet another update to our previous versions.

  • New Payment Gateway – You don’t like PayPal? Here’s another solution. Login to your channel to know more.
  • Live Conference User Invite – So in our live conference offering, we only allowed the meeting coordinator permission to invite users. Now we have amped the functionality and any user with the permission to start the conference can add channel users as well as guest users. The security and privacy rules applicable to the user creating the live conference still apply to this enhancement.
  • Provide Discounts – Now you can add multiple offer codes to any UPC code. An offer code is a discount code that you can use while purchasing a UPC. It can be created in the ‘Manage Offer Code’ page in your channel.
  • Email Template for Live Conference Invite – Check out the new email template called ‘Live Conference Invite’ in your channel. Now you can invite your users to a live conference in a personalized manner.

That’s all for now folks.

Try out these new features, we will be back with more.



NicheVideoMedia Team