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Layman's Guide to the

The Layman’s Guide to the Private Media Channel - Part I

Part 1 – Getting to know your better half

Welcome to “The Layman’s Guide to the Private Media Channel.” The purpose of this guide is simple: to understand what the Private Media Channel is and how to set it up. If you are looking at this and thinking, “What are you talking about?”then let me explain.

Have you noticed “YouTube + SharePoint + Dropbox + WebEx = Niche Video Media” Captureon So what Niche Video Media’s product—the Private Media Channel—does is it allows you to host, share, and organize content, start live video streams or web conferences and record it. Alongside allowing you to post video content, create communities, and share among users, it is all secured. The Private Media Channel is a 4 in 1 deal for just the right price. Starting from the Basic Pack ($34.99/per month) to the Enterprise Pack ($499.99/per month), it is hands down the best rate card in the market.rsz_pricing_plans


Inspired to set up your own Private Media Channel? The 15-day free trial can help you get a hang of the product. NO SHELLING A PENNY, NO CREDIT CARD DETAILS. The objective is that you get to know us well before we get into a relationship. Now that you have made the right choice, the question that pops is “what are the features that are available to me?”

 My Date with the Private Media ChannelA Case Study

I recently came across Niche Video Media and started setting up my own Private Media Channel. Just like you, I decided to try the free trial; and here’s a first-hand account of my experience.

I am from a fast generation that can only enjoy 6-second videos and short messages. No time, hence no patience. So the first thing that sparked my interest was the quick account-setup process. The “Sign Up” tab on the right hand corner sends you to the register page. There you fill in your desired channel name (existing channel names will not be accepted), email, password, name and click the “Get started for free” button. A confirmation email will be sent and voila! You are all set to start your own Private Media Channel.

A lil’ insight on the Free Trial version: Since you are using a free trial, 1 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth is allotted to you. 1 GB storage is the space in which you can store your content in the channel. 50 GB bandwidth is the number of times a video can be watched.

To know more about pricing and bandwidth check out this link

Moving on to the next step, when you follow the button from the confirmation mail, you begin to set up your channel. It is simple and straightforward. First things first, 4651364311_f505cc3cc3_oyou can change the channel name (but not the channel URL), rebrand your URL (with your company name, this will not have added to it), the header, background, and menu color, and you can also brand your channel by uploading your company logo. I put a picture of a Koala (because they are so fuzzy and cute) and also because I am a tourist guide, now this is known as white labelling.

After you’ve painted and tweaked your channel, it’s time to upload content. You can upload videos, files, schedule a live stream or even a live conference.

To know more about how to set up a livestream, check it out here.

Now moving on to define your channel. A channel is only defined by its community, so give an interesting name and description for your community. The name of my community was “Test” and the description for it was “Test”. Yes, the creative juices were flowing very nicely indeed.

Hey, guess what, you are done.imageedit_2_8798230282 Now the beauty about this free trial is that I can test out the livestream as well as the live conference for 5 minutes and did I mention that you get 1 GB free storage and 50 GB bandwidth (I know I did but this is called shameless marketing). Well there’s nothing wrong with bragging a tad bit too much about something that you love.

I wish I didn’t have to but this is already a long post and seems like I need to take a breath (yes, am feeling smurfy blue from too much of technology). Hold it, I haven’t really gone into the more interesting features but then again good things come to those who wait. So while you are patiently waiting for the next part of this guide, let me cut a deal here. Register yourself and you will be able to understand the next part of this guide on a whole new level. Try the Private Media Channel here.

Why are you still reading? Go! Go! Start your very own Private Media Channel and then come back for learning more in my second part of the guide, POSTING SOON!